The Euahlayi Declaration

This is a DRAFT COPY of the declaration that was electronically produced for the website
Typographical errors may occur before proofing.


  • The Euahlayi are the Original Peoples of the lands and waters within the defined territories identified in schedule 1 to this declaration;
  • Rhiamie, Birringooloo and Gunnumbielee, are our Creators who gave us our Devine laws and customs that govern our Peoples and which establishes our relationship and responsibilities to all things natural;
  • The Devine laws and customs the Creators gave to us, establishes our obligations to live in harmony with nature as we are family;
  • Our Devine laws and customs are what defines us as a Peoples and we belong to the defined pre-existing and continuing Euahlayi Nation State;
  • Our Creators gave us our spiritual belief, language, culture, and a place on 'Mother Earth' who provides all that we require to be self-sustaining and self-determining as a pre-existing and continuing Independent Nation State;
  • We have maintained our freedoms, language, religious ceremonies, stories and our customary norms since time immemorial;
  • We continue to exercise the rights and fulfill the responsibilities and obligations given to us by the Creators for the land, waters and natural resources upon which we were placed;
  • The Creators decreed Dominion to us, and thereby giving our Peoples the rights, responsibilities and obligations to govern ourselves as self-determining pre-existing and continuing Independent Peoples of the Euahlayi Nation under our Devine laws and customs;
  • The rights, responsibilities and obligations to our laws and customs as decreed by the Creators cannot be taken or altered in any way or form by the invader(s) of another Nation, unless the Peoples of the pre-existing and continuing Euhalayi Nation State cede by way of Treaty/compact or other, or yield to conquest through a Peace Pact.
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